Just Older: Bon Jovi Albums Ranked

New Jovi

13 studio albums, three compilations, two live albums, and a box set. More importantly, Bon Jovi sold “more than 130 million records worldwide.” Not bad for a group of guys constantly playing second fiddle to Bruce Springsteen. As a huge Bon Jovi fan, I’ve always wanted to rank their discography.

But I didn’t just want to focus on studio albums. I stretched to compilations. And solo albums from frontman Jon Bon Jovi, keyboardist David Bryan, and former guitarist Richie Sambora. What isn’t included is digital-only live album Inside Out and the lesser-known compilations and EPs.

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Back from Vacation

Back in 1 Week

No post this week. I returned from a one-week vacation to Tampa, Florida only a few days ago, so I never had the time (or a decent computer) to write anything.

I returned with a heavy traveling bag, though. Unlike western Michigan, Tampa is rife with music and game stores. I quickly devolved into a kid in a candy store as I searched countless stores filled with used games, many of them old and/or Japanese. By that, I mean these were the Japanese versions of games. Since I can use the Retron 5 to add an English translation to these games, I have the opportunity to play games never released outside Japan, like Romancing SaGa.

But this is meant to be a quick post, so I won’t go into detail. (I do intend to write about some of the stories I enjoyed most in a future post, however.) So I’m out!

Fire Emblem: A Link Between Worlds

One question that new Fire Emblem players might ask is how do these games relate to one another? Does every continent exist on the same planet, perhaps at different times, comparable to The Legend of Zelda? Or is this more comparable to Final Fantasy, where the majority of games are disconnected, yet share non-essential elements? What theories exist to unify the franchise?

The answer is complicated, so let’s begin.

A Link Between Emblems.png

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