Back from Vacation

Back in 1 Week

No post this week. I returned from a one-week vacation to Tampa, Florida only a few days ago, so I never had the time (or a decent computer) to write anything.

I returned with a heavy traveling bag, though. Unlike western Michigan, Tampa is rife with music and game stores. I quickly devolved into a kid in a candy store as I searched countless stores filled with used games, many of them old and/or Japanese. By that, I mean these were the Japanese versions of games. Since I can use the Retron 5 to add an English translation to these games, I have the opportunity to play games never released outside Japan, like Romancing SaGa.

But this is meant to be a quick post, so I won’t go into detail. (I do intend to write about some of the stories I enjoyed most in a future post, however.) So I’m out!

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