The Tragedy in To the Moon

Tragedy in To the Moon

Like anyone, I love talking about my favorite games, but I don’t often write about them in a significant way. Each cherished game gets a quick and dirty paragraph or two before I move onto the next. That’s not my intention here. Although I might fall into that trap, one of my objectives with this blog is to dig deeper into games (and more, hopefully) I love. Less sizing up the entire tree and more appreciating specific leaves.

It’s not something I’m used to. While such thoughts may swirl haphazardly in my mind, getting them onto WordPad in a somewhat coherent manner is a whole different challenge. In other words, I’ll be doing as much exploring my own writing abilities as I do exploring my favorite games. Hopefully this doesn’t devolve into a crazed collage of random thoughts.

This article’s focus is on the indie title To the Moon.

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Overview of the Emblem


Fire Emblem is enjoying something of a renaissance. After surviving the possibility of cancellation, the long-running franchise rebounded with Fire Emblem Awakening and thrived. 2017 saw no less than three new titles with a new mainline Fire Emblem targeting 2018. Not bad for a series that was exclusive to Japan for over a decade.

In other words, Fire Emblem attracted a new audience who might be unfamiliar with previous games. And that’s where this article comes in. Sure, Wikipedia is a viable option for a quick glance at the franchise, but I got forced jokes.

Updated on January 21, 2017.

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Powerless: The Walking Dead: Season Two


I needed time away after finishing The Walking Dead: Season One. While great, the tense and oppressively dour story wore at me. I couldn’t go through another season of that immediately. Recently, several years later, I jumped into Season Two for another five episodes of tension and frustration with sullen characters just trying to survive in a world dominated by zombies. I finished this season feeling the same as I did after completing the first season: glum and eager for something lighter.

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What’cha Been Playin’ // March 2016

So it’s come to this. I played games last months, and now I’m going to talk about them. I’ll admit that it’s not the most original thing to write about. Thousands upon thousands of message boards includes threads with the identical purpose. I post in two of them.

The difference is that I always hold back. I summarize my thoughts or explain about a strange glitch within a handful of sentences. It’s concise for the benefit of other forum members, and because I doubt that I have the will to write paragraphs about just one of several games on a regular basis.

Which is why my intention is to make these “What’cha Been Playin’?” posts a monthly affair. I figure it’s also a good place to go in-depth, to write a bit more than I would elsewhere. It may take a few tries to shake off the shorter impressions that I’ve become so used to, though.

Whatch'a Been Playin' - March 2016

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