A Brief History of Valkyria Chronicles

VC History.png

Seven years ago, I wrote an article on the community site Bitmob titled Fire Emblem vs. Valkyria Chronicles. Early in the article, I claimed that Valkyria Chronicles is what “Fire Emblem could have been had Intelligent Systems actually cared about moving that franchise foreword.” To be fair, my knowledge of Fire Emblem was limited to the handful of games released in English, and the purpose of the article devolved into expressing my frustration with Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, a thoroughly ugly game with production levels barely above the GBA installments.

I guzzled the Valkyria cool-aid, and happily asked others to take a sip also.

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Kirkwall and a Single, Changing Setting


It’s not controversial to say that Dragon Age II saw plenty of criticism, especially from the BioWare fanbase, upon release. It got dinged for recycling environments and a third act that didn’t feel as full as the first two, but one of the lesser complaints was the decision to set the entirety of DA1 within and around the city-state of Kirkwall. We went from exploring the country of Ferelden in Dragon Age: Origins to feeling caged in a single city. And that was a missed opportunity.

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2015 Game of the Year Awards (2016 Edition)

GOTW 2015.png

We’re over five months since the flood of Game of the Year posts marked the end of 2015, but I didn’t have this blog at that time. I figured, why not take a look at the previous year and reflect on my ten favorite games. It’s worth noting that the placements comes from a list I created in late December and posted on my personal Giant Bomb profile. If I were making this list today, #10 would be in a better spot.

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