Three Story Beats of the Three-Act Structure

3 Beats

Your Lie in April is one of my favorite anime in recent memory, combining wonderfully performed classical music with a dramatic and emotional story that continues to pull at my heart after many viewings.

It’s also a great example of how to tell a story.

For another (arguably better) article about story structure using this game anime, please check out “10 Steps to Story Structure” with Your Lie in April.

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GAMES! from E3 2016


Last week, I took a rambling look at the E3 presentations from some of the biggest companies in gaming (and Ubisoft). This week, I take a rambling look at 19 games shown in some capacity at E3 and softly whine that they’re not already available. Yes, Mr. Petty, waiting is truly the hardest part.

For the record, I was not at E3, have never been to E3, and probably won’t be fortunate enough to visit E3. I’m just going off the same trailers, presentations, and interviews, like everyone else is.

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Pokémon and the Unknown

An odd creature resembling half-dozen peach-colored eggs appeared as my friend and I walked home from elementary school. We stood at the start of my lawn, shaded by the tree beside the curb, and gawked at the monster glaring back at us. I let loose my own monster, whatever it was, and the two traded blows. Did I capture the egg creature in a ball? I can’t remember. That Exeggcute is just one of 151 Pokémon included in the original Red and Blue versions, yet that encounter represents a mystery that later games no longer had.

Pokémon and the Unknown

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Wow! 500 Episodes of the Player One Podcast

I’m breaking the traditional posting schedule to give a huge shout to the Player One Podcast celebrating its 500th episode. (And had the episode been posted on Monday, it would’ve been this week’s External Monday.)

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