External Mondays: “Brandon Plays Pokémon”

Link to the Playlist on YouTube.

No, this isn’t Brandon plays Pokémon and records it. Instead, it’s Brandon plays Pokémon on his own time and for the first time, and then records a conversation with his friend and co-worker with significantly more experience with Pokémon.

Admittedly, that makes this video sound significantly less exciting. It might not be very exciting if you don’t have memories of running through the original Pokémon games, but as someone who does have memories of those games, it’s awesome to hear about the franchise through the eyes of someone new.

Hopefully my Thursday article will go more into that. Until then, just enjoy this 5-part video (with at least one more episode after E3).

Easy Allies: “…an independent group of experienced writers and video producers who love playing video games, analyzing the games industry, and interacting with the community.” Composed of staff from GameTrailers. Their YouTube channel is located here.

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