Wow! 500 Episodes of the Player One Podcast

I’m breaking the traditional posting schedule to give a huge shout to the Player One Podcast celebrating its 500th episode. (And had the episode been posted on Monday, it would’ve been this week’s External Monday.)

I discovered Player One somewhere around Greg Sewart’s temporary departure from the show, and since became my favorite podcast that I eagerly devour every week. It’s such a regular thing that I often forget just how long Chris “CJ” Johnston, Greg Sewart, and Phil Theobald (along with fourth chairs Greg Ford, Mike Phillips, and Ethan Einhorn) has been doing this. Only when the guys talk about how different their lives are since starting the show that I remember Player One’s lengthy lifespan (for a podcast).

When I began listening, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. I moved around a bit before returning to Western Michigan, where I am now. I’ve done plenty of traveling, but Player One is a constant, more so than any podcast. 1UP Yours ended, Weekend Confirmed stopped, and I lost interest in the Giant Bombcast, but P1P has stuck around. The only other podcast that I listen to with anywhere the same enthusiasm is 8-4 Play.

So congratulations to the Player One Podcast for lasting 500 episodes, an outstanding achievement. Thanks to CJ, Greg, Phil, Ford, Mike, and Ethen for over 400 episodes (like I said, I don’t remember when I started listening) of great discussions, funny voices, Super Mario Bros. music, and more.

(Maybe my thanks falls on deaf ears, but I believe someone from the show will find this someday, hopefully many years from now when the show is over. By that time, CJ may be dead after being crushed by a mountain of plastic instruments that I assume he keeps in a closet.)

The Player One Podcast has a website, forum (where I sometimes post), and Twitter. CJ has a Twitter and works at Adult Swim Games. Greg has a Twitter and is the creator/host of Generation 16. Phil has a Twitter and talks about toys and plays with toys. Finally, Ethan has a Twitter and a blog videogamememories spendcappedgaming Gaming Unicorn.

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