External Mon- Er, Friday: “Zeldathon Recovery”

I would love to say that I missed the last External Monday because I wanted it to coincide with this topic, but the truth is that I forgot, caught up in all the hoopla surrounding E3. Nevertheless, we soldier on!

Zeldathon is a Zelda-themed charity that started at the end of 2009. Since then, the charity has continued every year since, generating thousands of dollars for a number of causes and growing larger with every event. They run the gamut of Zelda games, too. As expected, the main installments are covered, as are the underrated handheld games (I still love you, Oracle of Ages/Seasons), but Zeldathon even plays the CD-i Zelda games that Nintendo has scrubbed from their memory.

The event begins Friday, June 17 and goes through the following Thursday. A schedule detailing when specific games are played and who’s participating is located here. If you can’t donate (Father’s Day is just days away), pass along a word and show your support by watching them when you can.

It’s a worthy cause.

Zeldathon: The main site, including the donation button, is located at Zeldathon.net. They also have a Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Replays of past Zeldathons are located at SuperMCGamer’s YouTube page.

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