Game Maker’s Toolkit: “A Deep Dive into Star Fox Zero’s Controls”

A quick bit of housekeeping: I’m not longer going to label External Mondays posts with “External Mondays.” I still plan on posting content not created by me that I like and believe is worth sharing on Mondays, but without that annoying label.

Onto the content itself, it’s obvious that Star Fox Zero isn’t the grand reintroduction to Fox McCloud and the rest of Star Fox that fans were hoping for, and too much of that has to do with the unconventional controls forced onto the player. That’s not to say this game’s problems start and end with the controls, though. “What a mess,” Ethan Einhorn stated on his blog Gaming Unicorn. “Star Fox Zero is not a good game. Interesting, yes, but it feels half-baked, like they had to rush it out the door.”

Game Maker’s Toolkit’s Mark Brown examines the controls and details his thoughts.

Game Maker’s Toolkit: “How does Half Life teach without tutorials? Why didn’t Capcom tell you that it was manipulating Resident Evil 4’s difficulty? How are Nintendo’s level designers inspired by Chinese poetry? Find out, in Game Maker’s Toolkit, hosted by Mark Brown.” The YouTube channel is found here.


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