Channel Criswell: “Hayao Miyazaki – The Essence of Humanity”

I’m a nerd who enjoys anime, so it’s little surprise that I hold Hayao Miyazaki and the folks at Studio Ghibli in high regard. Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle (both directed by Miyazaki), and Whisper of the Heart (adapted by Miyazaki, directed by the late Yoshifumi Kondo) are not only among my favorite anime, but some of my favorite films.

As the title indicates, this video focuses on Miyazaki’s directed films, so Ghibli films like the aforementioned Whisper of the Heart aren’t focused on. If nothing else, this video by Channel Criswell is a reminder of how damn beautiful Studio Ghibli films are.

Channel Criswell: “My name is Lewis. Art has moulded who I am today. I hope I and it can do the same for you.” His film-themed YouTube channel is located here.

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