Nerdwriter: “The World is Open for Play”

It’s still difficult to believe that Robin Williams is dead. It’s harder to believe that his end came by suicide.

We lost him over two years ago, yet it still feels like yesterday. He’s influenced popular culture so much that it’s almost impossible to go any reasonable length of time without being reminded of him.

I think of what Williams says in the above video — “…the world is open for play. That anything and anybody is mockable in a wonderful way” — as words to live by. We’re only on the planet for a short period, so why shouldn’t it be the kinder that we use for fun and humor?

Life barely makes sense, anyway.

Nerdwriter: “a weekly video essay series that puts ideas to work.” Nerdwriter can be found on Twitter and the official site. His videos are, of course, also available on his YouTube channel.

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