Personal Recollection of Nintendo Switch


I’m as excited for Nintendo’s upcoming new console as anyone, but I’m not without apprehension. This is a company that tends to make about as many great ideas as dumb ones, and the lack of details (until January 12th) means that we’re left to speculate in what ways they’ll screw up.

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Nintendo’s Switch


After months of leaks, rumors, and rampant speculation, Nintendo officially revealed their next console, Nintendo Switch. Yes, this is the console that everyone previously knew as NX.

The “First Look” trailer (posted below) gave us a look at the console, controllers, and purpose, along with a few games, but didn’t go in-depth. The video was only 3:36, so there’s still plenty for Nintendo to show us in the coming months. Still, it’s great to have the damn thing in the open after “enjoying” so many rumors (many ending up accurate).

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5 Favorite Games of 2000 + 3 Others (2016 Edition)


Q: How did we go from 15 games across a decade to five for a single year?
A: I knocked out the entire ’90s because the number of games that I own from that decade and played enough to talk about was, quite frankly, small. My game library balloons by the 21st century, so I won’t be forced to toss a bunch of years together again.

Q: Then why only five games for 2000?
A: Okay, my library balloons by 2001, but 2000 is still fairly slim.

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What’cha Been Playin’? September 2016


Nintendo 3DS got a workout in September, accounting for roughly half the games I played. Although three of the non-3DS games were demos, so shouldn’t that skew the percentage somehow? Regardless, September was a reminder that 3DS shouldn’t be disregarded. It has an outstanding library, and I’ll have a difficult time putting it down whenever Nintendo releases NX.

Anyway, the games I played in September:

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