10 Favorite Games of 2001 + 4 Others (2016 Edition)


Q: So we’re back to this mine, huh?
A: Yep.

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Characters and Romance in Stardew Valley


It’s curious that I jumped back into Stardew Valley on the evening of Tuesday, November 8th, because while the majority of my Twitter was in a panic, I farmed and built friendships in the tranquil Pelican Town. I’ve explored caves, partook in festivals, and became strong friends that, as of the time I’m writing this, is about to blossom into a marriage. It’s an idealized life, one where being a farmer comes with few risks, and a welcome contrast to the chaos of the real world.

You spend enough time playing a game (a handful of hours almost every evening since) and you take away a few things. I wanted to focus on two: how Stardew Valley handles relationships and how it subverts character expectations.

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