Back from Elections

Back in 1 Week

New York City, Washington DC, and Chicago saw anti-Trump protests days after the election concluded, and I’m happy to report that Grand Rapids, the city where I live, joined that list. It’s uplifting as we’ve also seen reports of racism. I understand the protesters’ frustration, as I too will spend the next four years reminding people of the things Trump said to reach the White House. In fact, I’d very much like a list of those things since I’m sure I’ve forgotten quite a few.

The hope, of course, is that the protests remain peaceful.

I won’t dwell too long because, like many, I’m weary. We as a nation jumped into the unknown, and that might lead us to a better place. We may also smack straight into the ground, cracking a few bones along the way. Regardless, change needs to come. This past election put a spotlight on so many negative aspects of America, including the election process itself. I’m uncertain I could weather more of that.

So I’m taking the week off. Go give someone worried a hug and tell them that everything will be okay.

“The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people, and reality to something more positive… and begin to act accordingly.” — Shakti Gawain

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