10 Favorite Games of 2016

New Fav 2016 Games

Before I focus on my favorite games of 2016, I’d like to give a little summary:

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2016 Favorite Albums


Okay, honestly, of the three “Best of” lists that I’m writing (including last week’s look at every film I saw from 2016 and next week’s Game of the Year awards), this is the one I’m not excited about posting. Writing about music? Not something I have too much experience with.

So hopefully this isn’t a complete train wreck. And now that I’ve lowered any expectations someone reading this might have…

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The Good, the Bad and the Films of 2016


Ah, December. We tolerate you only because of the holidays, but you otherwise suck. Gray clouds drop piles of snow as the temperature plummets. Malls are full of last-minute shoppers unwilling to shop online weeks earlier, and a constant stream of mediocre Christmas song covers mingle with the obnoxious ringing bells from people hoping that you’re separate with a dollar.

The one positive of December is the influx of Game of the Year discussions, the one moment where most of the industry stops looking towards the horizon and instead peers back at the past eleven months. Often times those discussions are frustrating as the media manages to miss plenty of enjoyable, niche games, but that’s a great problem to have. So many games that critics stand zero chance of talking about everyone? That’s hardly a complaint we should dwell on.

Expect that I will join the discussion on December 29, granting me the most time to continue playing everything I can. In the meantime, this blog will cover every film and album of 2016, good and bad, that I watched and listened to. Movies this week, so without further delay…

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Portable Discussion: The Game Awards 2016


Geoff Keighley deserves credit for crafting an award show from the remains of the frustratingly bad Spike Video Game Awards (which Keighley produced), but The Game Awards 2016 continues searching for an identity. Many awards are announced between new trailers for upcoming games and unnecessary musical performances. Few awards are handed to winners on stage, making the name of the program feel almost like false advertising.

Too much time could be spent nitpicking this show — many complaints being repeats from previous years — ending by suggesting that someone convince the International Game Developers Association to air the Game Developers Choice Awards instead. That’s evidently a classier affair, albeit one kept away from the spotlight presumably to avoid the hoopla that The Game Awards deal with.


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