2017 Games Excite Hype


December’s┬áposts were devoted to games, music, and movies released in 2016, but now it’s time to look forward at the games I’m excited for releasing in 2017 (assuming they aren’t, y’know, pushed into 2018). It should prove to be interesting to read again towards the end of this year, at least for myself. Continue reading


Fire Emblem Direct Overview


Gotta be honest, I had low expectations for the Fire Emblem Direct, assuming that we wouldn’t be seeing anything unexpected since Intelligent Systems would be hard at work creating a new Fire Emblem on Switch. Fortunately, we saw reasons to be excited. Continue reading

Nintendo Switch Presentation Overview Extravaganza


We haven’t heard much about the Nintendo Switch since the company tossed the reveal trailer onto YouTube over two months ago, choosing radio silence and a short appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Rumors and supposed leaks remained common, but in late January 12th, Nintendo officially unveiled the console.

Details are still incoming, so information included before may change. I intend to keep updating it throughout the coming days.

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Other Games of 2016


Not a huge surprise: I don’t have the extensive time to play every game I purchase (especially the RPGs), and therefore exclude a healthy number from my Game of the Year deliberations. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to say about a few of these unrepresented titles, so I present Other Games of 2016.

I typically include such honorable (and dishonorable) mentions with my Favorite Games lists, but this seemed potentially large enough to justify its own post.

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