One-Year Anniversary and 10 Favorite Posts


Well, shit.

I forgot that the anniversary of my first post happened this early into the year, and forgetfulness left me with only two-ish weeks to find a way to celebrate the occasion. I couldn’t allow that to pass, largely because I’m surprised that I’d make it a single year without huge gaps between posts. That’s what happened when I tried the blogging thing before, and this blog stood a good chance of suffering a similar fate.

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Skinny Half-Arsed English Country Singer: Frank Turner Album Overview


After the post-hardcore band Million Dead imploded, singer Frank Turner grabbed his acoustic guitar and began a solo career. In the twelve years since, Frank released six albums with his backing band The Sleeping Souls and toured throughout Europe and North America (along with stints in Russia and China), and performed sold-out shows at Wembley Arena and O2 arena. He even performed in London 2012 Olympics’ opening ceremony. In 2015, Frank wrote the book “The Road Beneath My Feet,” detailing his musical career starting just before Million Dead’s demise.

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A Prattle about Fire Emblem Heroes


Fire Emblem debuted on mobile platforms yesterday as Fire Emblem Heroes, a streamlined take on the long-running strategy/RPG franchise with Gachapon (or Gacha for short) baked in. It makes for a surprisingly addictive game, but the aforementioned Gacha mechanics have drawn ire, unsurprisingly. For good reason, too. Gacha is the gaming equivalent of, say, spending time at a mall and being asked after a short time to visit most stores. The only reason that these elements exists is to grab a few bucks from consumers.

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