Let’s Predict Fire Emblem Warrior’s Roster


The big news in the world of Fire Emblem is the slow reveal of playable characters for the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors for Switch and 3DS. That, naturally, gets people wondering about what characters have yet to appear and start making predictions based around story prominence, popularity, and good ol’ fashioned wishful thinking. And I am no exception.

COMMENT ABOUT SPOILERS: With the Japanese release of Fire Emblem Warriors only days away, I created a spoiler section for characters revealed during playthroughs and therefore might be considered spoilers. The Spoiler Section is located at the bottom of the post.

Before focusing on Fire Emblem, let’s review Hyrule Warriors’ collection of characters. That game released with ten playable heroes — Link, Zelda, and Lana, an original character, to name a few — and three antagonists. Nintendo and Omega Force supported Hyrule Warriors with twelve additional characters — including Toon Zelda from Spirit Tracks, Marin from Link’s Awakening, and Linkle, an original character — and six antagonists. Between on-disk characters and downloadable content, fans have 31 playable heroes and villains to choose from.

Of course, Hyrule Warriors gained a second wind in the form of a Nintendo 3DS port released over a year after the Wii U version, adding additional characters like the aforementioned Linkle. In contrast, Fire Emblem Warriors can’t look to 3DS for continued support because Switch and 3DS versions are presumed to release alongside one another.

Worse, a single Fire Emblem game includes enough characters to comfortably fill one Musou game, so pulling from the entire franchise is a fool’s errand. The Choose Your Legend contest for Fire Emblem Heroes listed 791 characters, and while more than a handful are different versions of the same character (for instance, Ike from Path of Radiance and Ike from Radiant Dawn), Omega Force still has hundreds of characters to choose from. Maybe focusing on only Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates was a wise decision.

Okay, Hyrule Warriors launched with thirteen playable characters. An equal number of characters were unveiled for Fire Emblem Warriors — seven from Awakening, three from Fates, two original characters, and poor Marth as the only representative from Shadow Dragon — with two more teased. Naturally, there was nothing stopping Fire Emblem Warriors from exceeding the number of characters that Hyrule Warriors released with, yet it’s difficult to imagine Omega Force adding too many more.


Before making any predictions, let’s review the current line-up:

Celica Warriors

A young woman seeking to uncover what befell the goddess Mila, Celica is secretly a princess of Zofia. Exceedingly close to her childhood friend Alm.

The prince of Ylisse and the first character revealed. Chrom is equipped with the divine sword Falchion from the Awakening era.

A talented young woman secretly in love with Chrom, Cordelia rides into battle upon a pegasus with spear in hand.

Princess from Nohr, Corrin wields the normal version of her Yato sword. She’s also able to attack by transforming into a dragon.


The youngest Nohr princess, Elise is an outgoing girl deeply devoted to her siblings. Besides healing, Elise wields magic from atop a horse.

Confirmed on September 1.

The stalwart knight and protector of Chrom and Lissa is a surprise addition. He brings down the axe on enemies from atop his horse.

Princess of Aytolis and twin sister of Rowan, Lianna is one of the protagonists of FE Warriors. She attacks with the sword Facinna, and is capable of healing.

Chrom’s younger sister and princess of Ylisse. Lissa begins Awakening as a Cleric, yet her axe in FE Warriors brings to mind her War Cleric promotional class.

Princess of Ylisse and Chrom’s daughter appears with the Parallel Falchion. Lucina is depicted as both “masked Marth” and her standard, longer-haired self.

Buying the DLC bundle will reward players with Lucina in a bridal dress.


Last of the Lorca tribe from the Sacean Plains, Lyn later learns that she is granddaughter of Caelin’s marquess. Desires revenge against her tribe’s killers.

Confirmed on September 13.

Prince of Altea and descendant of the hero Anri, Marth is shown wielding the original incarnation of the divine sword Falchion.

Robin M
The amnesiac who later became Chrom’s trusted tactician is shown only using magic despite being able to wield swords in all other games.

Robin F
The female version of Robin. Confirmed here that there are no gameplay differences between male and female of Robin.

Prince of Aytolis and twin brother of Lianna, Rowan is one of the protagonists of FE Warriors. He attacks with a sword.

Crown prince of Hoshido and the oldest of three siblings (not counting Corrin), Ryoma takes to the battlefield with his katana Raijinto.


The youngest Hoshido princess, Sakura is a shy girl who is found dutifully healing the wounded. In FE Warriors, she also wields a bow.

Confirmed on September 5.

Crown prince of Nohr and the oldest of three siblings (not counting Corrin), Xander rides onto the battlefield atop his steed, wielding the sword Siegfried.

Before we continue onto the predictions, I want to share a few thoughts:

[01] Thirteen characters are confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors, so I’m going to continue with the assumption that 17 characters will be included in the core game. That’s four spaces to fill. Then, I will assume that we’ll get 18 DLC characters, equaling 35 playable characters, four more than Hyrule Warriors had. That’s probably not plausible, but I had too much difficulty whittling down the candidates.

[02] It’s possible that Sakura and Elise will be introduced wielding weapons from promotional classes, but my hope is that Omega Force relegates these characters to cutscenes only. Fire Emblem Fates has enough royal siblings without resorting to altering characters so they can join the fray.

September 5 Update: Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. Elise and Sakura are confirmed with weapons from their promotional classes. I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed.

[03] I’m emulating Omega Force by only picking characters from Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates. They could very well choose heroes from other characters for DLC (as many expect/hope), and I was tempted to include Alm and Celica from the recent Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. And a bunch more characters from each game. Still, I’m restricting myself.

September 23 Update: The addition of Lyn from The Blazing Blade and Celica from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia confirm that Omega Force wasn’t beholden only to Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates. Nevertheless, let the record show that my predictions were chosen before this news came to light.


Now onto the potential characters:

Anna appeared in almost every Fire Emblem game, but was playable in Awakening as the Trickster class. Hopefully she’ll also attack with a massive bag of coins.

A Nohrian princess raised in Hoshido, Azura shares a unique connection to Corrin. She is a talented singer who also uses lances.

Not happening. Maybe as DLC?

My personal pick who stands no chance of making the cut. Beruka is a former assassin-turned-retainer for Camilla.

A princess of Talys and a talented Pegasus Knight, Caeda accompanies Marth throughout his adventures, eventually becoming his wife.

Leaked on September 13. Confirmed on September 22.

The elder princess of Nohr and a Wyvern Rider, Camilla is one of Fates’ most popular female characters. I don’t like her, but she’s guaranteed to appear.

Confirmed on August 22.

Corrin M
If female Robin isn’t included in story mode, it’s only fair that male Corrin suffers the same fate. His addition is looking more likely, but you never know.

Confirmed September 5.

Prince of Guston and friend to Lianna and Rowan. With as much as Darius has appeared in screenshots, I expect that he’ll either be playable or killed early on.

A simple villager who joins Chrom, Donnel is always shown wearing a pot on his head. He reached 23 (of 300+ characters) in the Choose Your Legends contest.

The antagonist of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Conquest, Garon wields an axe and can transform into a dragon. As such, he’s almost a mirror of Corrin.

One of Shadow Dragon’s antagonists, Guarnef is a sorcerer whose Imhullu spell grants him invincibility against everything except the Starlight tomb.

The oldest princess of Hoshido and a Sky Knight, Hinoka is somewhat of a tomboy whose love for Corrin caused her to attempt several failed rescues.

Confirmed on August 22.

Also known as Coyote, Hardin fought alongside Marth as a Cavalier before ascending to Archanea’s throne. As emperor, Hardin became a major antagonist.

A prince of Nohr, Leo suffers somewhat from an inferiority complex when compared to Corrin. He’s a Dark Knight who wields the tomb Brynhildr.

Confirmed on August 22.

A princess of Macedon and leader of the Whitewings, Minerva is a Dracoknight who fought against her older brother Michalis after being blackmailed by him.

An aloof mercenary, Navarre refuses to turn his blade on woman and children, yet apparently has little issue joining bandits. He’s a skilled swordsman.

One of the last surviving Taguel, Panne is capable of transforming into a massive rabbit to attack. Despite her claims, she’s depicted as frosty towards humans.

Cordelia’s future daughter and retainer to Camilla, Selena appeared in both Awakening (as Severa) and Fates. Her skills are only matched by her bad attitude.

A Pegasus Knight with the Shepherds, Awakening not-so-subtly pushes players to marry her with Chrom. Clumsy, but good with animal and has a decent right hook.

A prince of Hoshido, Takumi suffers somewhat from an inferiority complex when compared to his two older siblings. He wields the bow Fujin Yumi.

Confirmed on August 22.

A Dark Mage from Plegia, Tharja quickly forms an unhealthy attachment to Robin. For some reason, she is one of Awakening’s most popular characters.

Not confirmed, but Nintendo revealed an amiibo based on her youthful appearance from Shadow Dragon. Tiki is able to transform into a dragon.

Confirmed on September 22.

A Plegian mage who worships the Fell Dragon Grima, Validar is a constant presence throughout Awakening as a major antagonist.

Maybe confirmed on September 5?


The following section is devoted to characters discovered by players during their time with Fire Emblem Warriors, not officially revealed by Nintendo or another company affiliated with the project. Unless specifically stated, whether these characters are playable is unknown.


One of Shadow Dragon’s antagonists, Guarnef is a sorcerer whose Imhullu spell grants him invincibility against everything except the Starlight tomb.

Confirmed to appear in some capacity.


A sorcerer and tactician to King Garon, Iago uses his magic to manipulate others and keep his cowardly hide from the battle.

Confirmed to appear in some capacity.


An aloof mercenary, Navarre refuses to turn his blade on woman and children, yet apparently has little issue joining bandits. He’s a skilled swordsman.

Leaked on September 13.


Leo’s retainer and a former thief with sadistic tendencies, Niles still has connections in the underworld. Wields a bow.

Confirmed to appear in some capacity.


Takumi’s personal retainer whose parents were killed by Nohr assassins, Oboro retains her family’s talent for fashion and tailoring.

Possibly confirmed to appear in some capacity.


Lissa’s future son and retainer to Leo, Owain is overly theatrical with a tendency to yell Fire Emblem subtitles as names of special attacks.

Confirmed to appear in some capacity.

August 11, 2017: A few corrections and other clean-up.
September 5, 2017: Updated post with new information and character reveals.
September 15, 2017: Updated post with new information and character reveals.
September 23, 2017: Updated post with new character reveals.
September 26, 2017: Added a spoiler section and included unearthed characters.


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