Nintendo Direct 9-13-17 Overview

Direct 9.13.17

We’re back with another Nintendo Direct. Instead of blabbering, watch the presentation and continue below for my thoughts. Spoiler: I sort of geek out about Fire Emblem.

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10 Favorite Games of 2006 (Plus 4 Others)

Fav 2017

If you’ve been keeping attention (nobody hasn’t, myself included), you might realize that I didn’t do a “Favorite Games of 2005,” and that’s because I’ve struggled to write about that batch of games (for whatever reason). So I’m moving onto 2006, where I only struggled to scratch up enough games to fill a top ten. The actually writing about the games was quite easy.

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SNES Classic Edition Alternatives


So you couldn’t pre-order a SNES Classic Edition. You were alerted when Best Buy opened orders late Monday and missed your chance with Amazon because you were, y’know, sleeping. You prepared on Tuesday yet missed on pre-ordering with Walmart and Target. And the less said about GameStop (in general), the better.

Now what?

You can do the adult thing by staying patient and being hopeful that you find one on store shelves. Or maybe you pay a few hundred to a scalper on eBay. But wait! Instead of those options, I have four alternatives to the SNES Classic Edition that won’t annoy anyone and definitely won’t get you the upcoming micro-console, but what else can you do? Leave your money in your bank account like a responsible person?

WARNING: This is a wise-ass post that should not be taken seriously. I want to get that out of the way because I imagine there are people too serious about this damn micro-console to get the message right away.

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Let’s Predict Fire Emblem Warrior’s Roster


The big news in the world of Fire Emblem is the slow reveal of playable characters for the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors for Switch and 3DS. That, naturally, gets people wondering about what characters have yet to appear and start making predictions based around story prominence, popularity, and good ol’ fashioned wishful thinking. And I am no exception.

Disclaimer: these predictions shouldn’t be taken seriously. They’re for fun, and something I can check once the game is out and see where I was off-the-mark.

Updated September 15, 2017. All numbers written below reflect Fire Emblem Warriors at the time when this article was originally posted.

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The Films of Mamoru Hosoda

Films of Hosoda

The arrival of a new sister precedes the discovery of a magical gateway that allows the four-year-old boy to encounter his family at different points in their lives, such as meeting his mother as a young girl. This is the story for “Mirai,” the next film by Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda. Hosoda released four original films in the last decade, each including fantastical elements like time-travel and anthropomorphic animals alongside grounded plots and likable characters.

Hosoda has continually surprised me. The simple descriptions of his films don’t sound like anything that would appeal to me, and yet I’ve enjoyed every one. So despite not caring about the idea behind Mirai, I know by now to give the film a chance. This guy hasn’t disappointed me yet, and I’m looking forward to watching his next movie. Until then, let’s glance back at his earlier material.

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