Favorite Albums of 2017

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Let’s talk music.

Or rather, let’s talk about the album that almost made the cut — The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Passenger. It hung onto the tenth position of a period of time, but I eventually knocked it away. Given that his previous album was my second favorite of 2016, I found The Boy Who Cried Wolf a disappointing and lethargic follow-up. Now, without any regrets, I tossed it away.

With that done, onto the actual list.

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Three Songs from The Nashville Sound

Nashville Sound

My single biggest complaint about The Nashville Sound is that it’s too short. Or rather, I want more. Jason Isbell and his backing band the 400 Unit crafted an excellent follow-up to his equally outstanding album Something More Than Free, and I ungratefully wish for more Jason Isbell music because I haven’t get enough of this guy. Having purchased each of his studio albums, the only thing left is his live albums. And that won’t satisfy because, y’know, live isn’t new.

I don’t mean to make this into a pity party where I lament that this outstanding lyricist and musician isn’t pumping wonderful music eight days a week, but instead want to write about three songs from his new album that I’m enamored with. These aren’t necessarily the best tracks, but they’re the ones that resonated with something deep inside me.

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10 Musical Artists Worth Giving a Damn About

Zero Enter Factory 512

I’ve written about Bon Jovi, Brian Fallon (of The Gaslight Anthem), and Frank Turner. Now let’s chat about ten artists who you might not be familiar with, but really should be. I’m doing this a little different from how I might normally tackle such an article. Instead of trying to convince people with silly words, I request that you only listen to the music included below and judge for yourself. They’re all highly recommended.

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One-Year Anniversary and 10 Favorite Posts


Well, shit.

I forgot that the anniversary of my first post happened this early into the year, and forgetfulness left me with only two-ish weeks to find a way to celebrate the occasion. I couldn’t allow that to pass, largely because I’m surprised that I’d make it a single year without huge gaps between posts. That’s what happened when I tried the blogging thing before, and this blog stood a good chance of suffering a similar fate.

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Skinny Half-Arsed English Country Singer: Frank Turner Album Overview


After the post-hardcore band Million Dead imploded, singer Frank Turner grabbed his acoustic guitar and began a solo career. In the twelve years since, Frank released six albums with his backing band The Sleeping Souls and toured throughout Europe and North America (along with stints in Russia and China), and performed sold-out shows at Wembley Arena and O2 arena. He even performed in London 2012 Olympics’ opening ceremony. In 2015, Frank wrote the book “The Road Beneath My Feet,” detailing his musical career starting just before Million Dead’s demise.

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2016 Favorite Albums


Okay, honestly, of the three “Best of” lists that I’m writing (including last week’s look at every film I saw from 2016 and next week’s Game of the Year awards), this is the one I’m not excited about posting. Writing about music? Not something I have too much experience with.

So hopefully this isn’t a complete train wreck. And now that I’ve lowered any expectations someone reading this might have…

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Just Older: Bon Jovi Albums Ranked

New Jovi

13 studio albums, three compilations, two live albums, and a box set. More importantly, Bon Jovi sold “more than 130 million records worldwide.” Not bad for a group of guys constantly playing second fiddle to Bruce Springsteen. As a huge Bon Jovi fan, I’ve always wanted to rank their discography.

But I didn’t just want to focus on studio albums. I stretched to compilations. And solo albums from frontman Jon Bon Jovi, keyboardist David Bryan, and former guitarist Richie Sambora. What isn’t included is digital-only live album Inside Out and the lesser-known compilations and EPs.

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