Two-Year Anniversary and 10 Favorite Posts of the Past Year

Two-Tear Anniversary and 10 Favorite Posts of the Past Year banner

That’s right, my second year of writing for my blog. I once again continued this weekly schedule that I somehow managed to keep for the vast majority of the time. Only in a handful of cases was I forced to take a week off. Truthfully, I’ve been tempted to stop, but it’s become such a regular thing that I keep pumping out words. Sometimes I create something that I’m proud of, and sometimes they devolve into a misshapen mess.

It’s time to focus the spotlight on the former posts.

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Blue Gender Thoughts (Ol’ Blog Posts)

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I had different plans for today, but I spent the previous week fighting off the flu. So little writing was done as I laid in bed, instead dividing my time between sleeping odd hours and watching the Games Done Quick marathon. In other words, I have nothing prepared for today, which is why I’m reaching into the (unfortunately shallow) Blogger bag to pull an old post.

Don’t expect anything amazing. I wrote this about six years ago, after all.

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A Silent Voice: The Movie // Review

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a difficult film to watch. It’s both heartfelt and heartless, slow and introspective, choosing to follow a former bully instead of his victim. It pulls few punches in depicting the cruelty of children, and deserves praise for focusing on such a heavy subject without coming across as heavy-handed. While Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name easily overshadowed it (and every anime film release in 2016), A Silent Voice still deserves special attention.

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Witches, Aliens, and Amnesia: 5 More Recommended Anime Shows

Five More Anime

About four months ago, I wrote about five anime worth watching. Now I’m back with five more recommendations, although I’m willing to say that most aren’t of the same quality as the first five. As with the previous post, the same rule applies: no obvious choices. No Ghost in the Shell or Tenchi Muyo or Cowboy Bebop. Those don’t need me proclaiming their greatness.

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The Films of Mamoru Hosoda

Films of Hosoda

The arrival of a new sister precedes the discovery of a magical gateway that allows the four-year-old boy to encounter his family at different points in their lives, such as meeting his mother as a young girl. This is the story for “Mirai,” the next film by Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda. Hosoda released four original films in the last decade, each including fantastical elements like time-travel and anthropomorphic animals alongside grounded plots and likable characters.

Hosoda has continually surprised me. The simple descriptions of his films don’t sound like anything that would appeal to me, and yet I’ve enjoyed every one. So despite not caring about the idea behind Mirai, I know by now to give the film a chance. This guy hasn’t disappointed me yet, and I’m looking forward to watching his next movie. Until then, let’s glance back at his earlier material.

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Time Travel, Host Clubs, and Death: 5 Recommended Anime Shows


One month ago, I focused on the full-length films of Makoto Shinkai, but now I’m casting my net a little wider to bring forward five shows that should be watched and enjoyed. Naturally, the more obvious choices were excluded. Cowboy Bebop is fantastic, but it’s also inevitably one of the first titles tossed out when someone asks for recommendation. My intention is to breeze past the shows that everyone already knows.

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The Films of Makoto Shinkai


You may be unfamiliar with the name Makoto Shinkai, but now it’s time to take notice. For over a decade, Shinkai has written and directed five full-length films and over a half-dozen shorts (among numerous other projects), and his most recent film Your Name has exploded in Japan. The film is one of the top grossing Japanese films in the country’s history, second only to Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, and recently began airing in theaters across the States. Celebration Cinema, my local theater, featured Your Name with subtitles or English dub.

Your Name continues a theme present in each of Shinkai’s full-length films. “When I was young as a teenager, that was the biggest mystery in the world to me: Why don’t people connect?” said Shinkai in a New York Times article about Your Name. “Even now I have that kind of obsession. . . . It’s kind of a mystery, and I’m trying to search for an answer.”

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