ArtPrize 2016

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USGamer/Jeremy Parish: “Breaking With the Consensus (and Being OK With That)”

“Anyway, this has hardly been the first time I’ve ever found myself surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed a game that conventional gamer wisdom tells me I should hate,” Jeremy Parish recently wrote on USGamer.

A few paragraphs later: “Rather than taking the time to educate myself and have another go, though, I gave up. Because, after all, every review I read of SaGa Frontier said it was terrible, a disgrace to Square’s name, a confusing and nonsensical and ugly game absent anything resembling ‘fun.’ So clearly the problem was that the game wasn’t good, not that I simply needed to learn its inner workings.”

It’s a good article about diverging gaming tastes, something that I can appreciate. You can check out the article here.

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Brandon Standon: Humans of New York

“My biggest worry is that I’m going to die and not do all the things I wanted to do. The funny thing is—I didn’t even realize how many things I wanted to do until I got diagnosed. Simple things like meeting a guy, getting married, getting a job, having my own apartment, and even picking out my own furniture. Those never seemed too interesting to me. They just seemed like adult things that were guaranteed to happen. Now I want to do them so bad. Because I want to know what they feel like.”

— Sara, who has since passed away from cancer.

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