What’cha Been Playin’? April 2017


Something much more different for this month’s What’cha Been Playin’. Instead of discussing games I played last month, I’m focusing on one game I played last month, and that’s for a simple reason. Outside of the occasional Picross 3D before bed, Persona 5 is the only game I played through the entirety of April. I managed to complete P5 — the true ending — with a time of 79:21 spread across a few hours shy of three weeks, which is insane for me. I rarely play games so obsessively anymore — some days, I stayed home and played for hours straight — and that’s doubly true for JRPGs, a genre that I struggle to stick with.

This post is devoted to Persona 5 — what I enjoyed and what I didn’t, along with favorite moments and characters. There’s little structure, but a grouping of topics. The second half will contain spoilers, located before a warning, while everything above the warning is spoiler-free.

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Nintendo Direct 4-12-17 Overview

Direct 4.12 Banner

Yesterday, Nintendo dropped another Nintendo Direct presentation on us. Although they noted that a majority of the video would focus on Arms and Splatoon 2, they announced a surprising number of titles, although few were genuine surprises. I mean, anyone familiar with 3DS games released in Japan within the past year or so will recognize them, and I can’t recall anything on the Switch side that we didn’t know existed.

So let’s jump in!

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What’cha Been Playin’? March 2017


Now for something a little different this month. Since Breath of the Wild dominated my gaming time, I only grazed other titles. It wouldn’t make sense to write about Blaster Master Zero and Voez, two eShop games that, according to my Switch, I’ve only spent minutes playing. Or Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokémon Go, which would be mostly complaints anyway.

So those lesser played games will get a brief update, no more than two or three sentences, while Breath of the Wild will see a few paragraphs as I gush about this amazing game. Seeing that my copy of Persona 5 is hitting my mailbox today (two days after release. Thanks, Amazon), expect a similar format for next month’s WBP. There won’t be much else being played.

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When It Comes to Characters, Rock Band 4 is Getting Weirder


It’s not unreasonable to say that Rock Band 4 released in a less-than-optimum state. Although the core gameplay worked as well as ever, the game was riddled with bugs and lacked features from previous entries, including online play. Harmonix has since updated Rock Band 4 numerous times, patching in older features like Practice mode and introducing newer ideas like Brutal Mode. They completely revamped the OS to coincide with the Rock Band Rivals expansion, which added the “Rockumentary” mode Beneath the Tuneage and the oft-requested online multiplayer.

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Dragon Age and a Damaged Legacy


During a recent episode of the Vidjagame Apocalypse podcast, someone remarked that he wished that Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor had won their 2014 Game of the Year awards instead of Dragon Age: Inquisition. That’s not a unique opinion, either. Inquisition released to critical acclaim, but public opinion took a dive sometime between the start of the new year and The Witcher 3 releasing six months later, promptly giving the game industry a collective orgasm for reason that I never quite understood.

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What’cha Been Playin’? February 2017


This is a weird What’cha Been Playin’ because almost everything that I talk about below will be pushed aside for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. My copy and the Nintendo Switch are shipped and expected to arrive tomorrow, and I might also grab Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (which would be the third time I purchase Shovel Knight). It’s exciting, although I don’t plan on tossed my 3DS or Wii U aside. I’ve too many games on both consoles that I haven’t played yet.

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