“Adventures” with PlayStation VR (Pt.1)

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There’s a curious disconnect happening between me and the gaming industry. Where everyone is hyping the most recent God of War as an early candidate for Game of the Year, I played through the entirety of The Ultimate Doom. I completed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as the world proclaimed Celeste as a modern masterpiece. I’m finding myself looking more and more towards gaps in my “gaming knowledge” that I can fill instead of towards future releases.

The exception, at least right now, is VR. I purchased a PlayStation VR earlier this month amid doubt that I’d hate it. I worried that my small gaming space would render the hardware useless. I expected nausea to cause trouble. Would the smaller library be ultimately disappointing? Surprisingly, the answers to those questions are varying degrees of “not a problem.”

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Four Pie in the Sky Fire Emblem Spin-Off Game Ideas

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Even after almost thirty years, Fire Emblem gained only three spin-off games — BS Fire Emblem, Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, and Fire Emblem Warriors. Let’s rectify that! Below are four pitches for titles that’ll never happen. As the title says, they’re pie in the sky ideas.

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Twitch Streamer Suggestions

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Streaming games is scary.

I occasionally think that before sitting in front of a camera planted inside my home and devote a handful of hours to playing video games for strangers. Perhaps it’s less a coincidence that such thoughts spring forward after a bad night of streaming where either one person or nobody outside of myself stops by. Such nights aren’t uncommon among smaller streamers, however, and such frustration is erased after a single night where a small crowd arrives to chat and joke around with.

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Let’s Talk About the Original Zelda

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At some point after creating this blog, I made the intentional decision to avoid negativity as much as possible. The internet is a mess of mean comments, especially when games are involved, and I don’t want to add more than I already do. Yet sometimes I play something that frustrates me to such a strong degree that I can’t help myself. I curse to the heavens and swear a pox on the developers. I rage quit, but return later because I refuse to allow a game to defeat me.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the original Legend of Zelda.

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An Avatar Situation: Fire Emblem Avatar Overview

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Although the feature wasn’t included, Intelligent Systems toyed with adding an avatar to Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Had they proceeded with it, Echoes would’ve featured the sixth avatar in the franchise. The crazy thing is that Fire Emblem didn’t include any characters for players to insert themselves into for the majority of the franchise, excluding a single exception used to introduce the game to a new audience.

I expect that the upcoming Fire Emblem for Switch will include an avatar, at least in some capacity, so let’s take a look back at previous examples.

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