Other Games of 2017

Other Games of 2017 banner

My final post where I look back at 2017 before diving into a new year and all the new games 2018 will provide. For anyone who hasn’t read my self-indulgent Game of the Year posts (which is, going by viewer count, everyone but my parents), I typically provide a space to write about the games that didn’t make my Top Ten, but I want to write about anyway. Sometimes because they’re bad, sometimes because they’re good and I feel guilty for excluding them, and sometimes because they do something so weird that I want to move the spotlight onto it.

I call this space the “Other Games of”.

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10 Favorite Games of 2017

Favorite Games of 2017

With only days before 2018 replaces 2017 (thankfully), I hereby present my ten favorite games of 2017. What is there to say? While the top four positions changed little during the previous twelve months, the remaining six stayed a mystery. What else? Nintendo dominated the selection. Six games were published by Nintendo, although my number one can’t be played on any Nintendo console.

So enough teasing.

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An E3 2012 Thing (Ol’ Blog Posts)

An E3 2012 Thing - Ol' Blog Posts

Before starting this blog, I had another blog. Because I was that desperate to write stuff that nobody reads. Anyway, I recently uncovered the ol’ blog and selected a handful of posts that I wanted to include here for posterity. (The majority of what I wrote will continue to suffer in obscurity.) The first of these ill-advised revisits centers around E3 2012, a write-up that I don’t enjoy reading. Apparently I didn’t do many rewrites back then.

That’s right, I am posting these without editing the content. Furthermore, I am including little remarks below each category to comment on my writings. Surely nothing bad will come of this.

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Fire Emblem: Where to Begin?

Where to Begin

Let’s pretend that you’ve never played Fire Emblem before, but you’re interested in giving the franchise a try. Maybe you’ve played Fire Emblem Awakening, but don’t know where to go from there. What you’ll find below is a game-by-game breakdown of every Fire Emblem and the audience most likely to enjoy it. Or if you’re the impatient type, I choose which game is best for newcomers at the end.

I’m disregarding spin-offs because Fire Emblem Warriors or Tokyo Mirage Sessions have no place in this discussion. I considered Fire Emblem Heroes, but decided against including it. It’s a neat approximation of a traditional Fire Emblem, but isn’t the real thing.

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