Back from the Future?

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Not actually the future.

Rather, I’m putting considerable thought into the future of this blog, specifically if/when I end it. It’s something I’ve thought about repeatedly, so I can’t say whether I will call it quits anytime soon. Anyway, I don’t ended to end without finishing those “Favorite Games” posts, and there’s a few topics I really want to write about.

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Favorite Games of 2017

Favorite Games of 2017


Two-Year Anniversary and 10 Favorite Posts of the Past Year

Two-Tear Anniversary and 10 Favorite Posts of the Past Year banner

That’s right, my second year of writing for my blog. I once again continued this weekly schedule that I somehow managed to keep for the vast majority of the time. Only in a handful of cases was I forced to take a week off. Truthfully, I’ve been tempted to stop, but it’s become such a regular thing that I keep pumping out words. Sometimes I create something that I’m proud of, and sometimes they devolve into a misshapen mess.

It’s time to focus the spotlight on the former posts.

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Back from Personal Circumstances

Back in 1 Week

I hate to delay everything a week, but unexpected personal circumstances made working difficult. So instead of rushing out a post (as I had planned on), I’m writing off this week and aiming to have something ready for next Thursday.

In the meantime, might I suggest a post?


A look at the five original animated films by Japanese filmmaker Makoto Shinkai, including the popular Your Name. Read it here.

Back from Birthday

Back in 1 Week

I’m taking the week off. Not because I have to, but because I want to. It also helps that I don’t have anything completed to post.

As the title indicates, I celebrated my birthday recently. Not just any birthday, but the big 3-0. I’m out of my twenties, meaning that life will suddenly start making more sense. . . right?