Time Travel, Host Clubs, and Death: 5 Recommended Anime Shows


One month ago, I focused on the full-length films of Makoto Shinkai, but now I’m casting my net a little wider to bring forward five shows that should be watched and enjoyed. Naturally, the more obvious choices were excluded. Cowboy Bebop is fantastic, but it’s also inevitably one of the first titles tossed out when someone asks for recommendation. My intention is to breeze past the shows that everyone already knows.

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Back from Birthday

Back in 1 Week

I’m taking the week off. Not because I have to, but because I want to. It also helps that I don’t have anything completed to post.

As the title indicates, I celebrated my birthday recently. Not just any birthday, but the big 3-0. I’m out of my twenties, meaning that life will suddenly start making more sense. . . right?

What’cha Been Playin’? April 2017


Something much more different for this month’s What’cha Been Playin’. Instead of discussing games I played last month, I’m focusing on one game I played last month, and that’s for a simple reason. Outside of the occasional Picross 3D before bed, Persona 5 is the only game I played through the entirety of April. I managed to complete P5 — the true ending — with a time of 79:21 spread across a few hours shy of three weeks, which is insane for me. I rarely play games so obsessively anymore — some days, I stayed home and played for hours straight — and that’s doubly true for JRPGs, a genre that I struggle to stick with.

This post is devoted to Persona 5 — what I enjoyed and what I didn’t, along with favorite moments and characters. There’s little structure, but a grouping of topics. The second half will contain spoilers, located before a warning, while everything above the warning is spoiler-free.

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10 Musical Artists Worth Giving a Damn About

Zero Enter Factory 512

I’ve written about Bon Jovi, Brian Fallon (of The Gaslight Anthem), and Frank Turner. Now let’s chat about ten artists who you might not be familiar with, but really should be. I’m doing this a little different from how I might normally tackle such an article. Instead of trying to convince people with silly words, I request that you only listen to the music included below and judge for yourself. They’re all highly recommended.

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The Films of Makoto Shinkai


You may be unfamiliar with the name Makoto Shinkai, but now it’s time to take notice. For over a decade, Shinkai has written and directed five full-length films and over a half-dozen shorts (among numerous other projects), and his most recent film Your Name has exploded in Japan. The film is one of the top grossing Japanese films in the country’s history, second only to Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, and recently began airing in theaters across the States. Celebration Cinema, my local theater, featured Your Name with subtitles or English dub.

Your Name continues a theme present in each of Shinkai’s full-length films. “When I was young as a teenager, that was the biggest mystery in the world to me: Why don’t people connect?” said Shinkai in a New York Times article about Your Name. “Even now I have that kind of obsession. . . . It’s kind of a mystery, and I’m trying to search for an answer.”

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Nintendo Direct 4-12-17 Overview

Direct 4.12 Banner

Yesterday, Nintendo dropped another Nintendo Direct presentation on us. Although they noted that a majority of the video would focus on Arms and Splatoon 2, they announced a surprising number of titles, although few were genuine surprises. I mean, anyone familiar with 3DS games released in Japan within the past year or so will recognize them, and I can’t recall anything on the Switch side that we didn’t know existed.

So let’s jump in!

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What’cha Been Playin’? March 2017


Now for something a little different this month. Since Breath of the Wild dominated my gaming time, I only grazed other titles. It wouldn’t make sense to write about Blaster Master Zero and Voez, two eShop games that, according to my Switch, I’ve only spent minutes playing. Or Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokémon Go, which would be mostly complaints anyway.

So those lesser played games will get a brief update, no more than two or three sentences, while Breath of the Wild will see a few paragraphs as I gush about this amazing game. Seeing that my copy of Persona 5 is hitting my mailbox today (two days after release. Thanks, Amazon), expect a similar format for next month’s WBP. There won’t be much else being played.

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