Two-Year Anniversary and 10 Favorite Posts of the Past Year

Two-Tear Anniversary and 10 Favorite Posts of the Past Year banner

That’s right, my second year of writing for my blog. I once again continued this weekly schedule that I somehow managed to keep for the vast majority of the time. Only in a handful of cases was I forced to take a week off. Truthfully, I’ve been tempted to stop, but it’s become such a regular thing that I keep pumping out words. Sometimes I create something that I’m proud of, and sometimes they devolve into a misshapen mess.

It’s time to focus the spotlight on the former posts.

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The Magic of Finding Paradise

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Almost two years ago, I wrote about a game that’s barely a game with a story that’s more of a tragedy than anything. That game is titled To the Moon, and it was created by Kan Gao and a handful of companions under the name Freebird Games. The focus of the story is Johnny, an elderly man who requests that Sigmund Corp. dive into his mind and transplant a new memory of traveling to the moon. Of course, not everything goes as planned. During the procedure, the two doctors from Sigmund encounter Johnny’s eccentric wife River before buffering against a childhood memory that forever impacted his life.

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Blue Gender Thoughts (Ol’ Blog Posts)

Blue Gender Thoughts banner

I had different plans for today, but I spent the previous week fighting off the flu. So little writing was done as I laid in bed, instead dividing my time between sleeping odd hours and watching the Games Done Quick marathon. In other words, I have nothing prepared for today, which is why I’m reaching into the (unfortunately shallow) Blogger bag to pull an old post.

Don’t expect anything amazing. I wrote this about six years ago, after all.

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Other Games of 2017

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My final post where I look back at 2017 before diving into a new year and all the new games 2018 will provide. For anyone who hasn’t read my self-indulgent Game of the Year posts (which is, going by viewer count, everyone but my parents), I typically provide a space to write about the games that didn’t make my Top Ten, but I want to write about anyway. Sometimes because they’re bad, sometimes because they’re good and I feel guilty for excluding them, and sometimes because they do something so weird that I want to move the spotlight onto it.

I call this space the “Other Games of”.

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