Fire Emblem Cipher: History of the Emblem

FE Cipher

Welcome to History of the Emblem, the umbrella title for posts related to, as the name suggests, historical information related to the Fire Emblem franchise. I originally created this title for a YouTube series I planned, but decided against dividing my time further with another project.

With that addressed, let’s look at Fire Emblem Cipher.

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Back from Personal Circumstances

Back in 1 Week

I hate to delay everything a week, but unexpected personal circumstances made working difficult. So instead of rushing out a post (as I had planned on), I’m writing off this week and aiming to have something ready for next Thursday.

In the meantime, might I suggest a post?


A look at the five original animated films by Japanese filmmaker Makoto Shinkai, including the popular Your Name. Read it here.

Three Songs from The Nashville Sound

Nashville Sound

My single biggest complaint about The Nashville Sound is that it’s too short. Or rather, I want more. Jason Isbell and his backing band the 400 Unit crafted an excellent follow-up to his equally outstanding album Something More Than Free, and I ungratefully wish for more Jason Isbell music because I haven’t get enough of this guy. Having purchased each of his studio albums, the only thing left is his live albums. And that won’t satisfy because, y’know, live isn’t new.

I don’t mean to make this into a pity party where I lament that this outstanding lyricist and musician isn’t pumping wonderful music eight days a week, but instead want to write about three songs from his new album that I’m enamored with. These aren’t necessarily the best tracks, but they’re the ones that resonated with something deep inside me.

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The Big E3 2017 Presentation Review Thing

E3 2017

For the vast majority of gamers unable to attend the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, watching presentations from the three major hardware manufacturers and a handful of third-parties is the closest we get. Naturally, we make impressions of those presentations based on what we saw. So, as I did last year, here are my thoughts on E3 2017 presentations.

Games will come next week.

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What’cha Been Playin’? May 2017


Last month’s What’cha Been Playin’ focused entirely on Persona 5, but I’ve returned to writing about multiple games for a month that’s felt light on gaming. At least compared to April, where I usually spent several hours per day running through palaces and developing friendships with my fellow Phantom Thieves. It was a simpler time where the idea of juggling about half-dozen games seemed hilarious.

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