Insert Coin to Continue: Future of this Blog

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I started this blog as an experiment to determine how long I could create content on a weekly basis before going mildly insane, which evolved into a commitment that’s lasted more than two years. That’s honestly beyond my expectations, and that it attracts handfuls of daily visitors is nothing short of amazing to me.

Yet, I’ve decided to reduce my involvement here.

There’s still projects that I want to complete, and you’d be crazy to assume that I wouldn’t want to write about the upcoming E3 event (especially if Nintendo reveals Fire Emblem Switch, as I hope) and, later, Game of the Year. However, this is the end of my weekly article schedule.

A heartfelt thanks to anyone who visited and/or promoted the blog.


Closed Due to Personal Complications

Closed: Back in One Week

No post this week.

Life hasn’t been kind the last couple of days, so I don’t have a finished blog. Expect a post about the games I played on PlayStation VR next week.

“Adventures” with PlayStation VR (Pt.1)

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There’s a curious disconnect happening between me and the gaming industry. Where everyone is hyping the most recent God of War as an early candidate for Game of the Year, I played through the entirety of The Ultimate Doom. I completed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as the world proclaimed Celeste as a modern masterpiece. I’m finding myself looking more and more towards gaps in my “gaming knowledge” that I can fill instead of towards future releases.

The exception, at least right now, is VR. I purchased a PlayStation VR earlier this month amid doubt that I’d hate it. I worried that my small gaming space would render the hardware useless. I expected nausea to cause trouble. Would the smaller library be ultimately disappointing? Surprisingly, the answers to those questions are varying degrees of “not a problem.”

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Twitch Streamer Suggestions

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Streaming games is scary.

I occasionally think that before sitting in front of a camera planted inside my home and devote a handful of hours to playing video games for strangers. Perhaps it’s less a coincidence that such thoughts spring forward after a bad night of streaming where either one person or nobody outside of myself stops by. Such nights aren’t uncommon among smaller streamers, however, and such frustration is erased after a single night where a small crowd arrives to chat and joke around with.

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Back from the Future?

Closed Back in 1 Week

Not actually the future.

Rather, I’m putting considerable thought into the future of this blog, specifically if/when I end it. It’s something I’ve thought about repeatedly, so I can’t say whether I will call it quits anytime soon. Anyway, I don’t ended to end without finishing those “Favorite Games” posts, and there’s a few topics I really want to write about.

In the meantime, why not view an older post?

Favorite Games of 2017

Favorite Games of 2017

Let’s Talk About the Original Zelda

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At some point after creating this blog, I made the intentional decision to avoid negativity as much as possible. The internet is a mess of mean comments, especially when games are involved, and I don’t want to add more than I already do. Yet sometimes I play something that frustrates me to such a strong degree that I can’t help myself. I curse to the heavens and swear a pox on the developers. I rage quit, but return later because I refuse to allow a game to defeat me.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the original Legend of Zelda.

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