The Good, the Bad, and the Films of 2017

Good, Bad, and Films of 2017

I’m neither a movie critic nor a huge movie fan. So while you’ll find no shortage of applause for films like Phantom Thread, Good Time, and Lady Bird (none of which I’ve seen) by more enthusiast film fans, films that I watched and their placement has a more commercial slant. Honestly, it’s sort of a miracle that I watched as many new movies as I have.

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An E3 2012 Thing (Ol’ Blog Posts)

An E3 2012 Thing - Ol' Blog Posts

Before starting this blog, I had another blog. Because I was that desperate to write stuff that nobody reads. Anyway, I recently uncovered the ol’ blog and selected a handful of posts that I wanted to include here for posterity. (The majority of what I wrote will continue to suffer in obscurity.) The first of these ill-advised revisits centers around E3 2012, a write-up that I don’t enjoy reading. Apparently I didn’t do many rewrites back then.

That’s right, I am posting these without editing the content. Furthermore, I am including little remarks below each category to comment on my writings. Surely nothing bad will come of this.

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A Silent Voice: The Movie // Review

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a difficult film to watch. It’s both heartfelt and heartless, slow and introspective, choosing to follow a former bully instead of his victim. It pulls few punches in depicting the cruelty of children, and deserves praise for focusing on such a heavy subject without coming across as heavy-handed. While Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name easily overshadowed it (and every anime film release in 2016), A Silent Voice still deserves special attention.

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Fire Emblem: Where to Begin?

Where to Begin

Let’s pretend that you’ve never played Fire Emblem before, but you’re interested in giving the franchise a try. Maybe you’ve played Fire Emblem Awakening, but don’t know where to go from there. What you’ll find below is a game-by-game breakdown of every Fire Emblem and the audience most likely to enjoy it. Or if you’re the impatient type, I choose which game is best for newcomers at the end.

I’m disregarding spin-offs because Fire Emblem Warriors or Tokyo Mirage Sessions have no place in this discussion. I considered Fire Emblem Heroes, but decided against including it. It’s a neat approximation of a traditional Fire Emblem, but isn’t the real thing.

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Fire Emblem Remake Overview

FE Remake Overview

Since Fire Emblem Awakening, the long-running franchise has become one of Nintendo’s more prominent franchises in recent years. Despite that, roughly half the games aren’t officially available in non-Japanese languages, but that’s gradually changed . . . sort of. Although remakes don’t replicate the original games entirely, they’re a better substitute given the technical limitations of some of those earlier games.

If the remakes aren’t perfect emulations, what’s the difference between versions?

NOTE:┬áThe official translated subtitle for the first Fire Emblem — Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light — is too damn long, and the shortened Shadow Dragon is the subtitle for the DS remake. Therefore, I will use Blade of Light instead of Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.

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